Education & Intervention With ADHD 2020-02-02T14:17:18+00:00


I provide emotional support, education and counselling to individuals, couples and families where ADHD effects are presenting as problematic. They could be adversely impacting one’s relationships, communication, school performance, employment, finances and physical and mental well-being.

Not everyone with ADHD will struggle with these effects, and then some more than others.  ADHD tends to be poorly understood in the general population and even among health care professionals and those in education.  Not only can this lack of understanding lead to misdiagnosis, blaming and shaming the person struggling with ADHD effects, it can set an individual up for ongoing failure and mental health issues.  ADHD is not a moral failing nor wilful behaviour. ADHD is a biological, brain-based condition which is 80% hereditary. It is not an intellectual disorder and it isn’t going to present the same way in everyone who may have it.

For further information and intervention, please call me at 1-844-934-3578