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I provide brief and longer-term counselling and psychotherapy to individuals over the age of 18, to couples and families. The process and interventions used in session are tailored to meet your unique needs.


When permitted, counselling and psychotherapy are available in person or through *Nature Heals*. However, due to COVID-19 counselling is presently provided through a secure online video platform, “nous talk”, or, over the phone and digitally.


Clients often ask me what the difference is between counselling and psychotherapy. Both counselling and psychotherapy require the client to have therapy goals and are similar with a couple of exceptions.


• “Psychotherapy is often treatment based in response to a diagnosable mental health issue such as depression or anxiety. It is often in-depth and used in conjunction with psychotropic medication, but not necessarily.


• Counselling tends to be wellness oriented, providing increased insight and learning on how to effectively overcome problems and challenges” (Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association).


Counselling and psychotherapy are always voluntary and end when you decide or when you have achieved your therapy goal(s). There are many benefits to counselling and psychotherapy. However, for some therapy might also bring about unpleasant emotions and memories. Please let me know if at any time you experience unpleasant emotions and memories causing you distress. You are not alone, and we will address them together.

The potential benefits of counselling and psychotherapy with me:


  • Learn to better manage stress
  • Become more relaxed and connected to self and others
  • Improve relationships and communication with partner & family members
  • Develop effective coping strategies
  • Learn skills to manage difficult emotions and unhelpful behaviors
  • Eliminate or reduce feelings of distress like anger, rage, depression, anxiety
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence